Here is what we are

Collaboration and Co-operation with WHO :

Prevention of brain damage due to birth asphyxia to prevent mental,neurological and sensory handicaps.

“Citizens and Governance Programme : Tri-Sector Dialogues : Preventive Health Care for Urban Poor”

The Commonwealth Association for Health And Disability is a Pan Commonwealth NGO supported by the Commonwealth Foundation London.

COMHAD is a long standing partner of WHO in a number of technical areas, in particular mental health, disability prevention, maternal and child health and reproductive health. It is actively involved in promoting health development, exchange of technical expertise and inter-country training and education in health in 54 commonwealth countries all over the world.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others


Taking into consideration of all these factors and the original aims and objectives of COMHAD, following topics to be taken into consideration:

To develop good Governance.

To develop strategies to raise funds.

To develop effective communication & preparing COMHAD Newsletter.

To prepare new edition of COMHAD Directory.

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