Our generation in 80s and 90s people were willing to offer voluntary services. Now our approach and involvement is old fashioned and outdated. The new team should evolve new innovations and new ideas and new concepts in view of globalisations, change in global and individual economy, and entry of health insurance and dominance of drug companies. Taking into consideration of all these factors and the original aims and objectives of COMHAD, following topics to be taken into consideration:

To develop good Governance.

To develop strategies to raise funds.

To develop effective communication & preparing COMHAD Newsletter.

To prepare new edition of COMHAD Directory.

To appoint one fund raising officer.

Now there is a need to establish & strengthen Regional net work & identifying regional donors.

The team should define the role & responsibilities of each one including one person responsible for membership & one person for Hon treasurer. A small infrastructure will exist at Bangalore. COMHAD Indian Chapter & COMHAD Pan-Commonwealth Team at Bangalore will be strengthened to co-ordinate effectively with COMHAD central team.

It is important for COMHAD Bangladesh Chapter to establish a strong COMHAD Asian Chapter.

In future there will be two major programmes of COMHAD :

Perinatal Health Care including newborn care.

Preventive & Promotive Health Care for low and middle income group of the community in urban settings.