COMHAD is in Official Relations with WHO since 1990, and is a long-standing partner of WHO for collaboration. WHO has co-sponsored fifteen (15) out of 30 COMHAD regional and Pan-Commonwealth workshops. COMHAD’s activities and collaborations with WHO involves working with a number of technical divisions within WHO. We strongly feel that COMHAD’s current activities are now in a range of technical fields which extend far beyond the original scope of its first collaboration with WHO's Mental Health Division.
COMHAD is now involved in collaboration with a number of WHO/HQ programmes, focused on preventive health care and improved health care for those in greatest need. It has worked closely with WHO's Government, Civil Society and Private Sector Relations department in recent years on partnership-building for health. It is also playing a leadership role in promoting the broad work of WHO to other Commonwealth institutions in the health, education and development sectors.

The following two programmes were developed with technical collaboration and co-operation with WHO :

Prevention of brain damage due to birth asphyxia (lack of oxygen either before or immediately after birth) to prevent mental,neurological and sensory handicaps.

Preventive and promotive health care for low and middle income group in urban settings following “Citizens and Governance Programme : Tri-Sector Dialogues : Preventive Health Care for Urban Poor” in January 2003 supported by the Commonwealth Foundation.