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Health Camp at Khaparde Farm House at Wadegaon, Umred Road, Tahsil Umred, Dist. Nagpur, 2nd August 2019

Health camp was organized at Khaparde Farm House at Wadegaon, Umred Road, Tahsil Umred, Dist Nagpur on 2-8-2019 with the help of other NGOs such as IAP, NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences, and IAPSM. Around 400 pediatric school children and the general public including doctors, social reformists, social workers were invited to camp which was followed by lunch. Health checkups of all attending, distribution of medicines, health education and awareness lessons, and school bags to each school child were delivered.


Medical Health Camp at Vadange, Tal Karveer, Dist. Kolhapur, MS, India, 15th August 2019

Medical camp was organized for flood-affected patients at Vadange, Tal Karveer, Dist Kolhapur by COMHAD and COMHAD India Chapter along with Rotary Club Kolhapur on 15th August 2019. More than 100 children were examined, given free medicines, and guided with health talks by Dr. Prakash Sanghavi and Dr. Sandip Patil.
Dr. Prakash Sanghavi Vice President (Asia) COMHAD, Dr. Ramesh Nigade Secretary COMHAD India Chapter, and doctors from Rotary Club – Dr. Sandip Patil, Dr. Pravin Hendre, Dr. Shah, and Dr. Pote actively participated in the success of the camp.
Mrs. Snehal Poonatar Inner Wheel member of the Rotary club distributed new clothes and sanitary napkins to the needy members. The camp was well organized

Medical Diagnostic & Health Awareness Camp, Deaf & Dumb School Saoner, Dist. Nagpur, MS, India, 13 October 2019

Medical Diagnostic and Health Awareness camp was organized by the Indian Medical Association Saoner branch in association with COMHAD on 13th October 2019 at Deaf & Dumb School Saoner, Dist. Nagpur.
The event was inaugurated by lighting the Samai at the hands of Chief Guest Dr. Yashwant Patil International President COMHAD. The Guests of honours were Dr Prakash Ukey Treasurer COMHAD, Dr. Vijay Dhote Jt. Secretary COMHAD and Dr. Sangeeta Jain President IMA Saoner branch. During the inaugural guidance speech Dr Yashwant Patil, health awareness was given, regarding the importance of nutrition during the preconception period and during & after the pregnancy period to prevent various disabilities in offspring. Personal hygiene was explained by Dr. Sangeeta Jain President IMA Saoner Branch in her speech. The response was positive from the attendees, and overall the camp was successful. The hospitality given by the host was commendable.
On this occasion on behalf of COMHAD Dr. Yashwant Patil donated a cheque of Rs 5000/- to the school for the welfare of the specially challenged.
Total beneficiaries were about 84 students of the school who were especially challenged. Diagnostic check-up of all students was done and essential medicines were distributed with counseling of parents. Dr. Vijay Dhote, Dr. Ashok Ghate, Dr. Nilesh Kumbhare, Dr. Jyotsna Dhote, Dr. Vilas Mankar, Dr. Prachi Bhagal, and Dr. Nitin Padole conducted health check-up.


World Disability Day Celebration by Prayas & Comhad , Nagpur, MS, India, 3 December 2019

World Disability Day was celebrated on 3rd December 2019 at Walkers Road Zone, Japani Garden, Civil Lines Nagpur in association with COMHAD. It was organized by “PRAYAS School for Children with Special Needs”, Sarvodaya Ashram, Near Bole Petrol Pump, Dharampeth Nagpur 440010. Shri Ritesh Diwe President and Mrs. Kiran Diwe Secretary Prayas School were kind enough to involve COMHAD for the good cause.
Our Executive Director Dr Uday Bodhankar was Chief Guest, and active social worker Shri Sharad Gopaldasji Bagdi was the Guest of Honour for this function.
On this occasion “Walk for Disability” rally was flagged off by our Executive Director Dr. Uday Bodhankar and Shri Sharad Bagdi, on walker’s road in Japani Garden and ended in the premises of the garden itself.
Beneficiaries over 120 students, their parents and doctors, and some philanthropists participated in the rally, with the aim of spreading awareness on the issues circling Disability, by displaying messages on placards and banners for the society.

World Disability Day Celebration by Ashadeep (Apang Mahila Bal Vikas Sanstha) & Comhad, Nagpur, MS, India, 8 December 2019

World Disability Day was celebrated on 8th December 2019 at Scientific Society Hall, Laxminagar, Nagpur in association with COMHAD and Rotary Club of Nagpur. It was organized by “Ashadeep” organization for the welfare of “Apang Mahila Bal Vikas Sanstha’ i. e. Specially Challenged Women and Children in society. Dr. Pratima Shashtri, President Ashadeep, and Mrs. Aparna Kulkarni, Secretary Ashadeep, were kind enough to involve COMHAD for the good cause, with the help of Dr. Jaya Shivalkar Consultant Child Neurodevelopmental Specialist Nagpur.
Our Executive Director Dr. Uday Bodhankar was one of the Guests of Honor for this function. We contributed in the form of a donation of Rs 5000/- to the Apang Mahila Bal Vikas Sanstha, Nagpur.
The function named “Tan Apang – Man Abhang” was unique in the form of musical songs depicting the theme of the program “A Step Ahead for Making Society Specially Challenged Friendly”. The singers were Gunvant Ghatwai, Manjiri Vaidya and Mukul Pande.
The beneficiaries were about 500 attending the function.

Nagpur District Conference for Specially Challenged (SAKSHAM), Nagpur, MS, India, 15 December 2019

This was organized by SAKSHAM a National Organization (Samdrushti Kshamatavikas & Anusandhan Mandal) which looks after the overall development and welfare of specially challenged in the community, on 15th December 2019 at Maharshi Vyas Hall, Dr. Hedgewar Smarak Samiti Smruti Mandir area, Reshimbagh, Nagpur 44009.
The conference was inaugurated at the hands of Honorable Shri Sandeep Joshi, Mayor, Nagpur Municipal Corporation Nagpur. The Guest of Honour was Hon Shri Deepak Tamshettiwar, Treasurer RSS Vidarbha Region, in the presence of our Executive Director COMHAD Dr. Uday Bodhankar who himself was Chairman of the Organizing Committee of this conference.
The program ended with a Valedictory function with felicitation of the dignitaries. The valedictory function was presided over by Honorable Shri Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road, Transport & Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt of India.
The beneficiaries attending this conference were about 300.

Workshop on Footsteps towards handling Learning Difficulties in Children, 1st and 2nd February 2020, Nagpur, MS, India.

COMHAD in association with Academy of Pediatrics, Nagpur & Adolescent Health Academy Nagpur jointly organized two workshops on Learning Difficulties in children on 1st and 2nd February 2020 at Nagpur, MS, India.
The first workshop was on 1st February 2020 for teachers from schools all over Vidarbha, who were trained by Dr. Sivaprakasam from Chennai on early spotting, referral & remedial intervention of children with normal IQ but who still have scholastic difficulties because of a specific learning disorder. The workshop was held in the School of Scholars, Atrey Layout, Nagpur.
Through activities & games, Dr. Sivaprakasam sensitized & trained the teachers to spot specific Learning Disabilities in their classrooms using simple tools & techniques. Principal, School of Scholars, Atrey Layout, Mrs. Rekha Nair & her team worked hard to host this workshop. Dr. Shubhada Khirwadkar, President of the Academy of Pediatrics(AOP), Nagpur welcomed the dignitaries & highlighted the need for such innovative workshops for teachers & doctors which would in turn benefit thousands of such learning challenged children.
Dr. Uday Bodhankar inaugurated the workshop & praised the efforts of the entire team of doctors for their work with schools to help these children. Mrs. Abha Meghe presided over the function. The number of beneficiaries were about more than 100.
On 2nd February, a similar workshop for more than 60 doctors was conducted at Jaivik Hall, Orange City Hospital.
Dr. Shubhada Khirwadkar, President, AOP, Adolescent Pediatrician & Counselor spoke on ABC of learning, Dr. Leena Deshpande, noted developmental pediatrician from Mumbai decoded myths & facts about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, while Dr. Sivaprakasam spoke on Learning Disorders.
In both the programs, winner children who have overcome their learning challenges were felicitated.
The program ended with an interesting panel discussion on "The way forward…" which was moderated in a novel manner by Dr. Sanjay Ratnaparkhi from Yavatmal. Dr. Nishikant Kotwal, Dr. Uday Bodhankar, Dr. Swati Waghmare, President, AHA, Nagpur, Dr. R G Patil, Dr. Dinesh Saroj, Dr. Jaya Shivalkar, Mrs. Abha Meghe Director, MGS & special educator Suhasini were the panelists. The panelists agreed to work together for helping the cause of learning disabled children.
Dr. Mustafa Ali, Secretary & Dr. Pankaj Agrawal, Treasurer, Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Vijay Dhote, Dr. Yashwant Patil, Dr. Prajakta kaduskar, Dr. R G Patil, Dr. Vasant Khalatkar, Dr. Anil Raut, Dr. Smita Desai, Dr. Kamalakar Deoghare, Dr. Abhijit Bharadwaj, Dr. Linesh Yawalkar, Dr. Avinash Gawande, Dr. Meena Deshmukh, Dr. Suvarna Nanoti, worked hard for the success of these workshops.

Health Awareness Camp at SANCHIE, Pitesur Village, Dist Nagpur, MS, India, 5 July 2020

SANCHIE is the center of Non-Government Organisation ‘Bahujan Hitay Samajik Bandhilki Sanstha, Nagpur, the brainchild of Ayushman Dr. Shankar Khobragade, working for the slum area needy children, helping them in education and personality development.
We the members of COMHAD - Prof. Dr. M. S. Rawat, Advisor COMHAD, Dr. Yashwant Patil International President COMHAD along with Dr. Uday Bodhankar Executive Director COMHAD visited this place, on special request of Dr. Shankar Khobragade on 5th July 2020. The function was well attended by the esteemed members of SANCHIE, Bhadant Sumedh Bodhi Sthvir, and the little children of the village.
After a formal introduction and welcome of the guests from COMHAD, health awareness talks on personal hygiene and nutrition were delivered by Dr. M. S. Rawat, Dr. Uday Bodhankar, and Dr. Yashwant Patil for the knowledge of villagers present for the promotion of the health of their kids.
On behalf of COMHAD, we distributed masks, sweets to the children. Total beneficiaries were about 70. We also declared financial help of Rs 5000/- (in favor of- Bahujan Hitay Samajik Bandhilki Sanstha Nagpur) from COMHAD for purchasing the raincoats and footwears for the needy children. No doubt this function was unique and memorable.

Corona Warriors Felicitation by COMHAD & CHPA UK, Nagpur, MS, India, July-August 2020

During this challenging period of war against Covid 19, we the members of COMHAD recently in the month of July and August 2020, felicitated, appreciated various sincere Government servants, bureaucrats, and politicians by conferring “Corona Warrior Honour” for their outstanding commitment, contribution, selfless service with dedication as frontline Corona Warriors.
This was with meeting them individually in their good offices with prior appointment and presenting them a memento with appreciation words on it, shawl and bouquet. Dr. Yashwant Patil International President COMHAD, Dr. Uday Bodhankar Executive Director COMHAD & Deputy Chairperson CHPA the UK, and Dr. M. S. Rawat Advisor COMHAD & others had the opportunity to felicitate these people. With this COMHAD has proudly fulfilled its longstanding commitment or wish of appreciating and honoring these frontline Corona warriors. COMHAD members present during felicitation assured them that COMHAD is a part of this ongoing war against Covid 19.
All of them in their capacity went ahead in this war against Covid 19 epidemic, took their responsibilities sincerely, worked tirelessly with commendable contribution, and helped Covid 19 affected patients in addition by following their regular duties.
Due to these combined efforts of all of them, the Nagpur district was much safer than other districts in the division. They set an example for every one of excellence in leadership & effective management of people/other resources.
These eminent personalities felicitated are – Honorable Shri Nitin Jairam Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways & Minister of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Govt. of India Honorable Shri Devendra Gangadhar Fadnavis, Leader of Opposition Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Former Chief Minister Maharashtra Padmashri Dr. Vikas Haribhau Mahatme, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) Hon’ble Shri Sandip Joshi, Mayor of Nagpur Hon’ble Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Divisional Commissioner Nagpur Hon’ble Shri Ravindra H. Thakare, Collector Nagpur District Hon’ble Dr. Bhushankumar Upadhyay, Commissioner of Police Nagpur Hon’ble Shri Tukaram Mundhe, Municipal Commissioner Nagpur Hon’ble Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee, Secretary Medical Education & Drugs Dept. Govt. of Maharashtra Hon’ble Maj. Gen. Dr. Vibha Dutta, SM, Director AIIMS Nagpur Hon’ble Dr. Sajal Mitra, Dean GMCH Nagpur Hon’ble Dr. Ajay Keoliya, Dean IGGMCH Nagpur Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal, Deputy Director Health Services Nagpur Dr. Avinash Gawande, Medical Superintendent GMCH Nagpur Dr. Ravi Chauhan, Medical Superintendent IGGMCH Nagpur Dr. Manish B. Shrigiriwar, Medical Superintendent AIIMS Nagpur Dr. Meena Mishra, Professor of Microbiology AIIMS Nagpur Shri Ajay Badrinarayan Soni, Chief Editor Pharmacist Times, National President ABPWA

National Webinar for Parents – Panel Discussion on Care of Children in Covid-19 Pandemic, India, 21 August 2020

National virtual webinar for parents – Panel Discussion on Care of Children in Covid, was held on 21-8-2020 from 8 PM to 9 PM. This was organized by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics as host, wherein our Executive Director Dr. Uday Bodhankar actively participated as one of the faculties. Other faculties were Dr. Bakul Parekh National President IAP & Dr. R K Gupta National Executive Member IAP. The Moderators for Panel Discussion were Dr. Shekhar Dabhadkar National VP West Zone IAP & Dr. Swati Ghate. Total beneficiaries were about 200.

Patronage to Panchavati Ashram – Home for Senior Citizens, Umred Road, Nagpur, MS, India, 12 November 2020

On behalf of COMHAD UK, Dr. Uday Bodhankar Executive Director COMHAD, Prof. M S Rawat Advisor COMHAD, & Prof Prakash Ukey Treasurer COMHAD visited the Panchavati Ashram of Matru Sewa Sangh – Home for Senior Citizens, Umred Road, Nagpur, and actively participated in the great humanitarian and philanthropic project of COMHAD. They distributed Diwali snacks packets to the respected senior citizens residing there and interacted with them on common health issues & sought their blessings for our future projects. This was on the occasion of Diwali which was celebrated with a difference. Total beneficiaries were about 50.
It was the most gratifying moment of our life to be associated with our own Senior citizens and were touched by the hearty welcome from all of them led by Mrs.Tikekar and Mrs. Bhagwat. COMHAD will always treasure the golden time spent together and sought blessings from them for our future projects.

Global Webinar on Infection Prevention and Control Measures in Response to Covid-19 Pandemic, 28 November 2020, India. (Virtual).

Global Webinar on Infection, Prevention & Control Measures in response to COVID19 Pandemic, was organised by COMHAD in collaboration with Service Master India on Saturday dated 28th November 2020 from 6 PM to 8 PM (IST) in India on the Virtual platform of COMHAD. With the kind invitation and efforts of our Advisor Dr Sunil Khaparde who is Advisor Public Health PHO Mumbai Govt of India, this activity was organized by Dr Uday Bodhankar who handled the programme logistics with immense efforts and meticulous coordination and moderated the programme precisely with perfection.
The eminent faculties were Global and Indian Healthcare Experts and Scientists (Three Padma Shree, and Three International Faculties) from various specialities of health such as Pulmonary Medicine, Public Health, Environmental Science etc. from reputed National and International Institutions/Organizations, coveted with highest honours and positions. They are –
Hon. Dr Vikas Mahatme Padma Shri 2010, M.P Rajya Sabha who gave Key Note address on “Political commitment & Role of Govt. for prevention and control of Covid19”.
Dr Sunil Khaparde Advisor to Public Health SPL PHO Mumbai, Ex-Deputy Director-General TB, Ministry of Health and Family welfare GOI, talked on “Epidemiology and Containment strategy to prevent and control COVID19 in Mumbai”.
Dr Carrie Tudor – TB Project Director - International Council of Nurses USA, Ex Senior research coordinator – John Hopkins University school of medicine, Member of End TB Transmission initiative (ETTi), talked on “Introduction to Infection Prevention and control”.
Padma Shree (2020) Dr Raman Gangakhedkar, Former Head Scientist ICMR, talked on “CORONA Vaccine and Development”.
Dr Paul Jensen Former CDC Member the USA, Member of End TB Transmission initiative (ETTi), talked on “Basics of UVC technology in airborne infection and COVID19”.
Mr Bill Palmer Founder & President Aeromed USA, American Council-certified Environmental Infection Control Consultant, Air Filtration Specialist, Member Upper Room UV Technical Committee, talked on “Application of UVC technology in airborne infection and COVID19”.
Prof Sanjay Zodpey Vice President Academics – Public Health Foundation of India New Delhi, Director Indian Institute of Public Health New Delhi, President Indian Association of PSM. “Deciphering the mortality associated with COVID19”
Dr Ravindra Sarnaik – Director Leela Mores Chest Clinic Nagpur, Chairman NCCP Maharashtra, Specialist in Chest & TB Pulmonary & Respiratory Medicine, talked on “Early detection and management of covid 19”.
Mr Edward D’Souza, President Service Master India, talked about “Environmental Infection Prevention and Control practises at Healthcare Facilities”.
Dr Digambar Behera Padma Shri 2020, Former Dean PGIMER, Ex-Senior Prof & Head Pulmonary Medicine, Ex-Director NITRD, Chairman National Task Force- NTEP/RNTCP, gave “Concluding Remarks” in detail.
In their deliberations, they discussed the concerns and solutions for infection, prevention and control measures in response to Covid 19 pandemic.
The total beneficiaries were about 140.


The NGO’s Directory of Institutions for Special Children and RPWD Act Provisions (2016) was published and released in the month of December 2020 at Nagpur, at the hands of Honourable Shri Nitin Jayram Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways & MSME, GOI.
This was a unique project of COMHAD, the first of its kind published to date. In this Directory, there is the inclusion of contact details, gathered from reliable sources, of various Institutions of Specially Challenged run by various NGOs, Government and private institutions all over Maharashtra. There is also the inclusion of details of RPWD Act Provisions (2016) which will make the society aware of educational, vocational, and employment-related information and provisions available for the specially challenged board examinations.
The Directory is a brainchild of our innovative Executive Director Dr. Uday Bodhankar who has taken the initiative. The gigantic work of compiling the data alphabetically – place and speciality wise in this unique Directory were fruitful with the immense efforts of Dr Jaya Shiwalkar and Dr Dinesh Saroj followed by meticulous editing by Dr Shrikant Chorghade.
This Directory will benefit various institutions and professionals working in the field of specially challenged.

Publication of Articles in Journals by Members

COMHAD is honoured with publication of Research and Review articles in various prestigious International and National Journals.

Research Article by Prof Dr Mrudula Phadke, published on 12 October 2020.

Covid-19 & Nutrients – Journal of Antivirals and Antiretrovirals, Vol.12 Iss.5 No:205, published on 12 October 2020.

Research Article by Prof Dr H. Paramesh

Air Pollution: Impact on Children Health: Knowledge into action – Journal of Child Adolesc Health 2020, Volume 4 Issue 2: 32-37. Accepted on July 29th, 2020.

Review Article by Prof Dr H. Paramesh

Impact of Air Pollution, Climate change & Nutrition on Airway Allergic Diseases – Journal of the Pediatrics Association of India, Volume 9, Issue 1, January-March 2020.